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We use Bicycle for various purposes. Nowadays it is a constant companion of ours. In going to the office or going to the educational institution, the use of bicycles can be observed at a large rate. The use of bicycles for exercise or sports is not less at all.

According to environmentalists, it is necessary to increase the use of bicycles to protect the environment and prevent environmental pollution. In our country, the use of bicycles is increasing at present. Which is definitely good news.

In this post you will know some important information about Bicycle. Along with that, Bangladeshi Bicycle Brands will be discussed as well as various popular Bicycle Brands in the world.

So if you are interested to know about cycle price in bd or bicycle price in bd then please stay with us throughout the entire article.

bicycle price in bd

Types Of Bicycles

Different types of bicycles are available in the market based on the riding purpose. For example, some bicycles are made only for riding on roads, while some bicycles are made for riding in mountains or remote areas. Below is the information about different types of Bicycle.

Hybrid Bicycle
Mountain Bicycle
Road Bicycle
City Bicycle
Electric Bicycle
Sports Bicycle

Best Bicycle Manufacturing Companies in The World

In this part of the discussion you will be informed about the best Bicycle manufacturing companies in the world. The Bicycle Manufacturing Companies mentioned here are popular and trusted all over the world. So their bicycle quality is considered the best.

• Trek Bicycle
• Giant Bicycle
• Scott Sports

These Bicycle Brands are accepted all over the world so it is natural that the price of their products will be higher. This bicycle is not available everywhere in Bangladesh. It is very difficult to find these bicycles outside Dhaka.

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But Bangladeshi brand bicycles are available all over the country very easily. So if you are interested in buying a Bangladeshi brand bike instead of a foreign brand or to know the price then we can help you. Below is the information about some Bangladeshi Bicycle brands for you.

Bangladeshi Bicycle Manufacturing Companies

If you are interested in Bangladeshi bicycle brands then some Bangladeshi bicycle brands are mentioned for you, from where you can know the information about the bicycle of the brands.

• Duronto
• Runner
• Walton
• Atlas

Apart from these few Bicycle Manufacturing Companies there are more than 100 companies in Bangladesh. The Bicycle Manufacturing Companuy offers you good quality bicycles at affordable prices.

Duranta Bicycle Price in Bangladesh

It is difficult to find a Bangladeshi who has not heard the name of RFL Group. Duranta is a sister cycle manufacturing company of RFL Food & Plastic Manufacturing Group. Export business of Duronto Cycle started from 2015. This article will discuss the Durant cycle in detail.

The Duranta bicycle is a high-quality, durable and efficient bicycle that has gained popularity in recent years. Duronto bike can be ridden very comfortably on both roads, flat roads or village dirt roads. Bike riders choose this Bangladeshi bicycle brand because of its design quality and smooth riding performance.

In today's discussion, we will take you through Duronto cycle features, benefits and how to use, prices and reviews of some new designs of Duronto cycle. Also we will share our personal opinion about the Duronto bicycles available in different showrooms in Bangladesh.

Most Attracting Features of the Duranta cycle

What makes Duronto bicycles different from other brand bicycles are the Duronto bicycle features. Some of the key features of Duronto bicycles include:

1. Awesome Designing

The designing quality of the bicycle is very important for a comfortable ride. The Duronto bicycle uses a lightweight aluminum frame to give the rider an easy ride and great speed. However, depending on the model and quality of the bicycle, the frame designing metal is often steel.

2. Good quality metal

Since Duronto is a sister company of RFL, you can have 100% confidence in its metal quality. The metal quality of Frok, Frame, Pedal and other parts used in Duronto Cycle is very high quality.

3. Various models as per demand

Depending on the rider's needs, the Duronto bike can be of different models. As such, Duronto is available in several models including Track, Duronto Road and Duronto MTB. Each model of bicycle has its own unique features, designed to meet the needs of different types of cyclists.

What are the benefits of the Duronto cycle?

It is not possible to make a right decision about a bike just by looking at the features, it is important to look at the pros and cons of that bike.
For cyclists looking for high-quality and reliable bicycles, Duronto bicycles offer several advantages.

1. Duronto Cycle Durability

Whichever brand of bike you buy, it is important to know about its durability. Now the question is, how is the Duranta bike's durability? How is the Duranta bike's durability?

The answer is Duronto is Durable Bike. From many personal opinions and many reviews found on the internet, I have come to know that Duronto is a durable bike.

2. Speed

Due to the Duronto cycle's aerodynamic design, its light weight makes it a fast and efficient cycle. These fast bikes can be the best for you to commute to office.

3. Healthy Ride

Cycling is a great exercise that can help you stay active. Duronto Cycle's design quality makes this bike comfortable. Duronto bikes are ideal for riding in an upright position. So Duronto bike riding will give you a healthy life.

After seeing so many advantages and features of Duranta cycle, you may be able to make a decision about buying Duranta cycle or not.

As the only bicycle brand in Bangladesh, Duronto Cycle is a trusted bicycle brand. I have tried to present this article as a result of my research on Duronto bicycles, this is not a promotional article from Duronto.

cycles price in bd

By now you know about different brands of domestic and foreign bicycles. Hope I have given you the basic information about the bicycle. In this part you can know about Cycle Price in bd.

If you want to buy a bicycle then it is very important to have an idea about bd cycle price. So below is an idea about the price of bicycles in Bangladesh. If you want to know about cycles price in bd then comment down delow. I will give my best. 

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